Founder Lisa Cannelora has a rich history in the Culinary world, having cooked professionally for 2 decades in kitchens form San Francisco, Portland, Santa Fe, to Italy.

While in the Culinary world, Lisa witnessed how few people cooked frequently.  Their kitchens had bad lighting, the counters were too congested, the appliances did not work well.  As cooking was a passion, so became the drive to create functional kitchens so people COULD cook at home and enjoy the full experience of stress free cooking while delighting family and friends with delicious food.

Lisa’s foundational training as a chef has given her resolute determination and a resourceful attitude that a solution is possible for any problem. Cucina was founded on the principals of commitment and follow-through while bringing creativity and new approaches – confidence to think “outside the box.” We ask the kind of questions many designers might not consider: Do you cook with your family or alone? Do you like your plates warmed before serving? What are your typical ingredients and what tools do you have? All of this informs Jessica and Lisa about how YOUR kitchen will be designed.

As of December 2023, 592 CUCINA KITCHENS completed with ultimate satisfaction and scores of designs awaiting to be built, we are confident that CUCINA is the right choice for folks who will trust our process, be collaborative, decisive and be mutually respectful.

Lisa’s personal philosophy is, less can be more. It is not necessary to get too caught up in the hype of fancy products, the latest trends, or marketing promises. She takes pleasure in her vegetable garden, and focuses on how simple cooking can be using fresh ingredients and minimal work. Similarly, we at CUCINA strive for simple and functional designs. We take pride in bringing value and intrigue into the process, resulting in client’s pleasure and gratitude for CUCINA’S well crafted process.

Last but not least, Cucina is committed to hiring young talent, and exposing them to a successful business model.  We work hard and we work by example, showing the benefits of follow thru and commitment.  We have high expectations and we have found that everyone benefits when they see the fruits of their labor!

Buon Apetito!