Lisa Cannelora is a Bay Area native whose passion for food and cooking has taken her on a journey through several cities and earned accolades as both a chef and kitchen and bath designer. For over two decades, she has cooked in restaurant kitchens featuring different styles from San Francisco’s Green’s at Fort Mason, Le Club on Nob Hill, Restaurant Lulu, to Santa Fe, Portland, and as far as Tuscany where she embraced Italian cooking with Lorenza di Medici at Badia a Coltibouno.

In the 1990’s, she opened her own Mediterranean market Why Cook? in Alameda and influenced the trend of beautifully prepared foods that later became available at many high-end markets. Her experience as a chef and business-owner melded when she designed and remodeled her own kitchen. After leaving the culinary world, she saw that many people’s kitchens were uncomfortable to work in, and how that made people less inclined to cook themselves or with their families. She wanted to bring her love and joy of cooking to people by helping them create a well-designed kitchen.

Lisa’s foundational training as a chef has given her resolute determination and a resourceful attitude that a solution is possible for any problem. She embraces commitment and follow-through while bringing creativity and new approaches – confident to think “outside the box.” She asks the kind of questions many designers might not consider: Do you cook with your family or alone? Do you like your plates warmed before serving? What are your typical ingredients and what tools do you have? All of this informs Lisa about how your kitchen will be designed.

Lisa’s personal philosophy is, less can be more. It is not necessary to get too caught up in the hype of fancy products, the latest trends, or marketing promises. She takes pleasure in her vegetable garden, and how simple cooking can be with few ingredients and minimal work. Similarly, she strives for simple and functional design. She takes pride in bringing value and intrigue into the process, resulting in clients’ pleasure and gratitude.