Lisa is amazed that her Design experience is about to exceed her 22 years as a professional Chef.

She is proud to have built such a strong company that excelled during the recession of 2008-2012, and the weathered thru the pandemic 2020-2023.

Lisa has trained  “THE  CUCINA TEAM” 

  • Making accuracy a priority
  • Creating unique designs bringing the architecture of the home to life
  • Treating clients respectfully
  • Designing the most functional spaces based on the clients use of space 
  • Using the best quality materials and never and never take shortcuts 
  • COMMUNICATING SOLUTIONS to any changes that may occur 
  • Following through on our promises
  • Being resourceful and flexible ie: even today supply chain issues create delays which the team is well versed in navigating to ensure projects stay on time 
  • Offering one of our trusted Contractors that fits the scope and budget of the client
  • Understanding the stress clients may feel and keep clients up to date on progress and next steps
  • Preparing clients in advance of need for upcoming invoices