Our average kitchen remodel takes 10-14 weeks from demo to done. Done means we are gone and you are functioning fully in your kitchen.

Do you like diamonds or Cubic Zirconia? Inclusive of all finish materials, appliances and construction $130,000 – $150,000. Quality Materials, Quality Craftsmanship and the time to do it right, drive the price.

We have a project process that spells out the basic steps to a new kitchen. Our Process

Cucina designs and manages full kitchen projects, as well as conducts in home bathroom consultations.

We have vetted professional craftsmen who build Cucina’s designs with attention to detail, integrity and value. These men and women are within our network because we know their quality of workmanship. After years of experience, we have chosen to only work with clients who will follow our recommendations for contractors and subcontractors, as this is the only way we can ensure success.

Our founder has trained her staff to think like a Chef to design kitchens that are functional, efficient, and most of all beautiful!

Our years of experience are invaluable for the novice, to the seasoned residential remodeler. We have completed over 400 projects and have seen just about everything. If an issue arises, we can see it long before you can. Our vision saves you time, money and heartache. We are intent on providing you realistic estimates at the very first meeting, to shed light upon the real costs associated with quality construction.

If you are a busy professional and appreciate working with the best in this field, you will not regret working with Cucina!

All of our cabinets are made to order, therefore, 6-10 weeks.

We have a large selection of cabinets to choose from. Most of our mid to high ranged cabinets are completely customizable to fit your space. Our goal is to maximize your storage and create an efficient work-space that is aesthetically pleasing and a joy to work in. Even our less expensive cabinets are still made to order, with limited size options.

Not in this lifetime! Seriously, if it were we would know and advise our clients. This is just one reason clients love working with us. We honor that the home is YOURS.

However, if you choose something that is trendy we let you know so you understand the long term effects of your decisions.

Refacing is for clients who want a new finish look, without the ability to change the floor plan. Don’t be fooled- refacing is not inexpensive. Typically, people who reface, also replace their countertops and backsplash.

This expense averages $25,000 to $30,000.